About Kirsti Hart-Negrich
Michigan resident and artist, Kirsti Hart-Negrich, has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Wayne State University with minors in Fine Art, English and Child Psychology. In 2007, Ms. Hart-Negrich began to re-explore her interests in watercolour painting and photography by teaching techniques in both to neighborhood children and adults, and taking several, new-to-her, college level art classes.

Her piece, entitled “Mother and Child,” was exhibited in the 2010 Grand Rapid’s ArtPrize. Various work has been exhibited in local Detroit area art galleries, including The Janice Charach Gallery, the Laurence Street Gallery, and through The Oakwood Arts For The Spirit program.

This website reflects Kirsti Hart-Negrich’s many artistic interests in painting, pen and ink, photography and combined media. She says, about the site, “Art is meant to be shared.”

About Kirsti’s Artwork
What I want anyone viewing or experiencing my art work to feel is the beauty and serenity intended in both the composition and construction of each work. My watercolours are often reminiscent of biology on a cellular level – the simple, organic basis of life. My photographs capture still, peaceful times I’ve witnessed and wish to share with others. Combining the two media, watercolours and photography, helps me to holistically express my vision of nature and beauty.